DITEC automatic pedestrian doors combine ease of use with the most advanced technologies, allowing their automation to operate smoothly and without glitches. The superior quality of their materials, their capability of making the best use of available space, as well as their optimal energy consumption, make DITEC pedestrian doors a smart solution, suitable for any architectural context, in compliance with current, most stringent standards.

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Automatic pedestrian doors - DAS107.

Designed to make your life easier

Ditec DAS107 is the new sliding door operator focusing on the needs of customers and featuring high quality components at the right value.

Designed for a simple and efficient installation, Ditec DAS107 can satisfy all requirements in standard commercial environments.

Technical features


  • Performing electromechanical operator for up to 160 kg door weight
  • Tested up to 1 Milion cycles
  • Long-lasting automation with 24 V DC DUNKERMOTOREN� with built-in Encoder
  • Reinforced techno-polymer wheels in DUPONT� Delrin�


  • Plug & Play connectors
  • Automatic self-learning start-up mode, with auto detection of:
    • weight of wings
    • passage opening
    • presence of locking device and typology (fail safe, fail secure)
    • emergency batteries
  • Easy and accurate CU setting with digital programming and just few key parameters
  • Switching power supply covering a wide range of electric voltages (110 V�220 V �10% 50/60 Hz)
  • Easy adjustment of trolleys and belt


Ditec DAS107 is the solution to optimize stock value and manage logistics:

  • Easy to order: 1 kit, 1 beam and 1 cover and you�re ready to start with your bipart operator
  • The convenient kit item includes power supply, gear motor, control unit, trolleys, photocells, program selector and brackets
  • One beam and cover length: 4400 mm

Selected range of accessories to complete your installation


Smart design: slim and comfortable!

120 mm height is right size to have a slim automation with a friendly installation and maintenance.With a neutral and pleasant aesthetic it meets the requirements of modern buildings.

VIDEO  : https://youtu.be/jGKoCB2Gm34?t=18




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